Sleep Support for Parents and Babies

Our Unique Approach

The most important person in getting your baby to sleep well is you. We focus not only on teaching you how to get your baby to sleep perfectly, but also on supporting you as a new parent.

You will learn
  • The reasons why your baby sleeps poorly and how to overcome it
  • Essential skills and knowledge to guide your baby to sleep through the night for good
  • The most effective and workable strategy for you, your baby and your family
  • How to achieve good quality sleep and boosted daytime energy as a parent

Private Consultations

Expert sleep advice to help you and your baby sleep through the night

  • Initial Sleep Consultation
    Session includes:
    • Initial sleep assessment with online survey and sleep diary to be completed before the session.
    • 1 hour telephone or Skype support call with Dr Guy to discuss your child’s sleeping issues.
    • Bespoke sleep programme emailed to you with a step by step guide to get your child sleeping well.
    • 1 x 15 minute scheduled follow up support call to assess progress.
    Price: £300
  • Follow Ups
    Duration: 1 Hour
    Session includes:
    • Telephone or Skype discussion of your progress so far,opportunity to learn additional tools to keep your baby’s sleep on track.
    Price: £160

Consultations are with:

  • Dr. Guy Meadows
    Dr. Guy Meadows

    Guy is a co-founder of The Sleep School and our Clinical Director

Client Reviews

  • Sophie
    "We called The Sleep School when our second child Mia wouldn't be put down to sleep in the night. He gave us very helpful and supportive steps to follow which really helped with having a routine to follow. We enjoyed his guidance, which fitted with our parenting style and not one of those "let your child cry himself to sleep technic" but felt just right!"
  • Alison
    “After 8 years of piling on the bed time process in an effort to get our daughter to sleep, the whole family was totally wound up by the time our daughter should have been wound down ready for bed! Thank you, for helping us re-invent our bed times and re-initialize our 8 year olds sleeping skills. We learned that less is more and in a (relatively) short time were able to not so much re-train ourselves and our daughter, as establish a new normal. Our daughter has now gained an important life skill that was missing, and we have gained experience and methods of managing and teaching that life skill that will never leave us. It took some grit and determination, but boy, it was SO worth it. THANK YOU, thank you for our new normal, The Sleep School!.”
  • Clare
    “After struggling for five months with a maximum of four hours sleep a night, The Sleep School came to my rescue in helping me encourage my little boy to sleep. By providing both simple yet practical steps to take, my baby's sleep was literally transformed within a matter of nights and we all got the rest we desperately needed. Nearly a year down the line, we still follow the same routine and our nights are very rarely interrupted, which in turn means we have a well rested and happy little boy. If you're wondering where to turn for advice on your little one's sleep, then look no further, I can't recommend The Sleep School enough!”
  • Natalie
    “An affordable, simple and accessible concept that works! Many thanks for your help and advice that came at a time of confusion, worry and frankly being stumped as to what to do next with our 2yr old early riser. The Sleep School offered an insightful, common sense approach, which we followed and in a matter of months had a little sleeper. The whole family has benefited and settled into a much more ‘normal’ routine."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age children do you help?
    The majority of babies that we see range from 3 months to 3 years of age. In certain circumstances we do see younger babies and older children.
  • How long does it take to work?
    The length of time a programme take to work depends on the severity and type of sleeping issues presented, as well as the motivation of the parents to implement the programme. On average most parents report improvements in their babies/toddlers sleep after the first few days, with consistent good sleeping habits being established within a month. In some cases, such as where the child's poor sleeping habits are well ingrained, they are reliant on multiple sleep aids or have learnt to sleep and wake at the wrong times, it may take longer. 
  • Will we need to visit your clinic?
    No. All sessions are delivered via skype or phone as this has proven to be the most effective and popular delivery method for our parents. Given that you will be responsible for implementing the programme we do not need to meet your baby.
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